I first trained to become a potter twenty years ago under master potter Na Woon Chae. He told me in order to become a potter I must be able to make at least 30 identical bowls within the period of a single hour. Countless days full of failures ensued. Then suddenly one day Mr. Na announced I had become a potter. Since that day I have continued to make thousands of bowls and I dreamt of becoming a real artist. In pursuit of my dream I decided to study abroad and attended Pratt Institute for an MFA in Ceramic Sculpture.

Robert Zakarian, a sculpture professor at Pratt Institute, taught me fine art through abstraction, minimalism, and conceptual art - and encouraged me to express my inner world through the language of art. However, in school, I was never satisfied with the art I produced and was unable to find what I was looking for at Pratt.

One day, sitting in my studio, I saw a pile of bowls sitting on a work table. These were the bowls I used to make every day without feeling any pressure to create "art". At that moment I realized these bowls - my training foundation - made me an artist long ago. In the past, as a student, I did not know how to appreciate them. In the present they represent my understanding of finding ?real? art in my simple, ordinary, everyday life. Most of us are in constant search for a new joy and THE happiness and we forget to appreciate what we have. This is how I came to a new and different appreciation of my own work.

I started working on the bowl series in 2005. Before starting this series, I had never thought of the bowls as art. I can make beautiful bowls but I never thought a bowl was enough to encompass the expression of my life, my heart, my soul and my spirit. Indeed I have found that a bowl can hold so much more.